About Check in Cleaning

Check in Cleaning is a housekeeping partner for hotels in the Amsterdam market. We are familiar with the specific problems which housekeeping in this market involves. We offer you bespoke housekeeping matched entirely to your needs and wishes.

Our approach

Check in Cleaning understands that chambermaids are key in the cleaning of your hotel rooms. We therefore ensure the correct supervision and efficient management of our chambermaids. But we go further than that. We also put together our own team to provide full housekeeping services to you – even up to management level if required. We thus make the entire housekeeping a manageable part of your hotel.

An eye for quality and innovation

Because we are open to innovation and modern technologies, the chambermaids have the benefit of helpful aids. We simplify communication with the housekeeping department, which means that you are always informed about the condition of your hotel rooms.