Doing your internship on one of the busiest days at Student Hotel Amsterdam City

Anna did her internship at the Student Hotel Amsterdam City from 28 January to 1 February 2019. She has experienced a very challenging event during that period. Every semester most of the students move out to make space for a new load of students. Curious to know how her opinion on the whole experience? Read on!


“From 28 to 1 February I did an internship at Student Hotel Amsterdam City. I learned a lot in a few days and had a lot of fun too! The colleagues and hotel are both quite cool. One of my tasks was to assist with the preparations for the big day on Thursday. Many students would leave to make place for new students which would arrive on the same day. I also had to fill the trolleys with all necessities for preparing the rooms and arrange the buckets used to clean all the rooms and kitchens. My internship supervisor was Jesus. I enjoyed working with him and he has teached me a lot! After everything was cleaned, we had to double check all the rooms. They gave me loads of freedom to learn on the go and figure out everything on my own pace, which I really liked. One of my responsibilities was managing all posters and booklets displayed in the rooms. My internship supervisor was always there to help when I couldn’t figure things out myself.” – Anna Maria